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Holistic Dental Products, based in Edina Minnesota

There are literally hundreds of dental health products on today's market, but how do you know which ones work best? Buying from Professional Dynamics ensures you receive tools that are more effective for fighting plaque and bad breath! Your smile will be brighter with dental health products from our company.

The Collis-Curve Toothbrush (4 for $34) - Buy Now!
This holistic product works for 95% of the population because of its curved outer rows and short center row of bristles. The bristles are curved with a heat-treated process to prevent them from losing their curve quickly. They only need to be replaced every 3 months for teeth without braces and every 2 months for teeth with braces.

The curved bristles hug your gumline, removing plaque and bacteria in a sweeping back-and-forth motion that stimulates and massages gum tissue. While soothing your gums, it also cleans the top of your teeth in one motion to make brushing easy and effective.

    • Styles for the Collis-Curve Toothbrush
    • Soft—Sensitive Gums
    • Medium—Best Plaque Removal

           • Child—Ages 6 to 9
           • Baby—5 or Younger
           • *Feel Free to Mix Styles

    • Perio (Longer Bristles)—Braces or Longer, Larger Teeth

Tongue Cleaners (4 for $12) - Buy Now!
These easy-to-use, rake-like tongue cleaners have a comfortable, serrated edge to remove plaque and bacteria. The angled pick on the other end removes food particles from between the back teeth.

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Holistic Dental Products, based in Edina Minnesota



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