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"it's amazing how his health has turned around. I am so relieved that he isn't waking in the night gasping for air in between coughing fits due to acid reflux. I attribute that to your diligence in treating him homeopathically and his elimination diet. Feel free to share his story."
Seven year old boy testimonial from his mom, Rochester MN

“This book offers a way for consumers to inform themselves -- outside of the established dental groups – about safe dental practices.”
- Janice Greenfield, St. Paul

“In 2004, years of suffering from chronic headaches came to an end when I fell and knocked out my front teeth and the bridge attached to them that locked the bones of my palate. Because my holistic dentist, Ron King, was aware of the relationship between anterior bridges and headaches, I made the choice to have implants rather than another bridge to replace my lost teeth. I have been headache free since then!”
- Duane Tow, a patient of holistic dentistry  

“I’m just thrilled that Bette Jo wrote this book. It helps drive home the message that the body has a way of taking care of itself if you just let it.“
– Noreen Shaughnessy, St. Paul resident

"This book provides a grand vision of a new and more complex practice of dentistry that understands mind, body and environment. Bette Jo Arnett is a visionary speaking to dental professions and patients.”
- Fred M.B. Amram, Morse Alumni Distinguished Professor of Emeritus of Creativity and Communication. Minneapolis MN

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