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Holistic Educational Courses

For a deeper understanding of holistic care for good health, we offer various resources for your convenience. Read our book, Wholeistic Dentistry, Balancing Conventional Dental Care with Ancient Wisdom, (see below) or take part in our upcoming symposium.

Adventure Series For Holistic Practitioners

Eagle Symposium:
Deepening our Relationships
October 25, 26, 27, 2012
Minneapolis Minnesota
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Horse Power:
Carrying Responsibility with Balance
May 17-18-2013

Earth Healing:
Harnessing Earth Essences

"Leadership Thoughts: Where are You Going and Who is Your Leader?"
Cedric Red Feather, Mandan Turtle Priest


Enhance Your Business, Your Profession, Yourself
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Eagle Symposium & Horse Power

Speaker, Ben, Holistic Educational Courses, MN

From Fantasy to Reality:Making Holistic Health Philosophy Mainstream
By Fred Amram
Professor of Communication and Creativity University of Minnesota

Communication Workshop:Are You Making Yourself Perfectly Clear?


Other Courses
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"How Did I Get Sick? How Do I Get Well?"
This course will cover holistic dentistry, individualized diets and nutrition, and overall wellness plans. As a patient, you'll come to understand what these things are and how they can benefit you.

"Making Dentistry Whole"
If you're a conventional dental professional, you'll want to enroll in this Course. You'll learn how to integrate Eastern and Western philosophies to benefit your patients. It's the best fit for helping you recognize where holistic treatments can be incorporated into your dental office.


"Transitioning Obstacles to Wellness"
This course covers 4 the quadrants of health and how mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and worldly obstacles prevent clients from obtaining the health they seek. If you have a question about this Course or any of the others soon to come, contact us for detailed information or to be on our mailing list.

About Our Book
You'll have to wait for our Webinars, but we have enough information already in Wholeistic Dentistry, Balancing Conventional Dental Care with Ancient Wisdom.

Wholeistic Dentistry gives consumers the information they need to ask their dentist for holistic dental care. Bette Jo Arnett helps us to understand how dental work in the mouth can affect the whole body and our health in general. This book has the potential to change dental practices everywhere and thus contribute to better health for countless individuals.”
-Jerri Johnson, B.S.N., C.C.H. Homeopath

Wholeistic Dentistry, Balancing Conventional Dental Care with Ancient Wisdom.
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'Fall Class Normandale Community College'
Bette Jo will be teaching a course about 'Dental Obstacles to Holistic Healthcare' on March 12, 2013 6-9 pm. This course is designed to help holistic healthcare practitioners identify dental treatment that may be preventing their clients from benefiting from the delivered treatment. It is offered through the Integrative Health and Wellness division of Normandale Community College.

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